Why Businesses should recycle their food waste using CHUGG?

Food waste treatment system

Every year more than 40% of the food produced is thrown away. Businesses like restaurants, hotels, and pubs also contribute to food waste that is responsible for Global warming. Food waste has been big news over the recent year considering the impacts it has on the planet, and humans. This is because wasted food is more than enough to feed people with less access to food and eradicate malnutrition in humans. Next, the food waste generated is taken to a dump yard where it rots and decomposes to emit methane- a potent greenhouse gas. Methane contributes the most to global warming, and climate change compared to other greenhouse gases. Hence it is essential to eliminate methane emission.

We think only food is wasted but there is much more to what we throw away. Here we list out few points why it is necessary for your business to recycle the food waste generated.

Recycling saves Money

Sending food waste to landfills costs a ton of money because of Landfill taxes, transportation charges, and fuel consumption. These charges are transferred from some waste management organizations to you. You can stay away from this by having your food waste recycled at a source in your organization itself.

But how will you recycle food waste on your premises? CHUGG- an innovative food waste treatment system that is affordable, environment-friendly, easy to operate, and install. It a sustainable option that saves you from all this hassle. CHUGG treats your food waste at the source so there is no stress on disposal, or transportation of food waste to the dump yard.

Recycling helps you abide by the law

According to solid waste management rules- 2016 the bio-degradable waste should be processed, treated, and disposed of through composting or bio-methanation within the premises as far as possible. The residual waste shall be given to the waste collectors. CHUGG- an innovative food waste treatment that complies with the law so you don’t have to worry about processing, treating, and disposing of as CHUGG does it all for you.

Recycling eliminates Methane emission and water contamination

When food waste is taken to landfill it breaks down to emit Methane, a major contributor to global warming. When food waste is recycled using CHUGG it undergoes anaerobic digestion and the methane produced is stored in a chamber without allowing it to escape into the atmosphere. Therefore CHGG eliminates the emission of methane into the atmosphere.

Also, when food waste decomposes in landfills the breakdown process produces a liquid called leachate which enters the underground waste and contaminates the freshwater source available. Hence using CHUGG for a sustainable business practice not only save you money but also eliminates methane and water contamination by treating food waste at the source.

Recycling makes you a zero-waste to landfill business

Recycling your wasted food is one of the viable, and sustainable practices to follow to become a zero-waste to landfill business. By recycling your food waste you reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

Recycling generates renewable energy

The process of recycling food waste using CHUGG- an innovative food waste treatment system that creates renewable energy. The energy produced is Biogas which can be used for heat/electricity. To put this into perspective, CHUGG can yield up to 4 cum of biogas per 75 Kgs of food waste, which is equivalent to 2kgs of LPG gas per day.

The residue that is produced is called ‘digested Bio-slurry which is also referred to as black gold by farmers. Bio-slurry is rich in soil nutrients and humic acid hence making it the best alternative for chemical fertilizers. The Bio-slurry can be sold to organic farms or can be used in your own garden.

If your business is interested in recycling food waste contact one of our food waste audit experts. Our product CHUGG- an innovative food waste treatment system in India not only saves you money but also provides a new source of energy that can be used to generate heat/electricity required for your business organization.

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