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Design and engineering

Avris Technologies comprises Plant design according to choice of technology, determination of dimensions and plant layout. The objective is to achieve an efficient installation that allows optimal use of the available resources. We suggest the technological options, choice parameters and engineering rules of the digestion unit, gas storage, pipework, pumps and valves.We use Process control technology for managing and tracking operations on the biogas plant.


Waste Water Treatment

Avris Technologies show a deep interest in everything related to purification of wastewaters. Our company has an extensive experience in developing biological process in the scale of laboratory and piloting as well as at full-scale. We have applied our knowledge with industries like Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Universities, especially bio waste and sewage treatment. In the total solutions we offer, operating cost of the plant is minimized by solutions that save energy and chemicals.



Avris Technologies can offer you trustworthy services. We have wide experience especially in biogas, waste and wastewater treatment projects. Choosing us as a partner you will get a solid and extensive experience, which will help you to handle governmental laws in the best possible way.


Waste Audit

Technical and economic studies of your project profitability calculations for biogas plants The environmental permit applications, updates and reports
Plant approval procedures as well Environmental Risk Assessment Waste management plan


Avris Environment Technologies LLP


15, 1 st Avenue,
Indira Nagar, Adyar,
Chennai, India- 600 020

Contact :+91- 98408 27898 /  +91-98402 00090
Mail us on marketing@avristech.com

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