Why food waste management matter?

food waste management in India

Food waste is a growing concern not only in India but all over the globe. An increase in awareness of climate change, hunger, resource conservation has raised the need for food waste management in India and many other parts of the world. The statistics say about 40% of food produced is wasted, along with it goes all the resources used such as water, fuel, energy, etc. The problem of food waste goes beyond this. Improper handling and disposal of food waste have financial, environmental, and legal consequences too.

Did you know?

  1. 40% of food in India is produced just to be wasted every year.
  2. According to Food Waste Index Report 2021, 50 kg of food is thrown away per person every year in Indian homes.
  3. 61% of food waste come from households
  4. About 19% of greenhouse gas emissions were from household food waste.

Food waste occurs all over the food chain from the farm, post-harvest, processing, transporting, wholesaling, retailing and the consumers. Restaurant plate waste, plant and animal material produced when processing, kitchen scraps, garden trimmings, also the food that goes to waste when damaged by some illness are not suitable for human consumption. These are well-suited for recycling.

Well, when we don’t have the power to completely stop the food from getting wasted, but it would be wiser if we do our part to reduce its negative impact by adopting good disposal practices.

Thanks to the growing technology and innovation in the field of renewable energy which has paved the path to dispose of food waste efficiently and at the same time generate natural gas with it. CHUGG- an innovative food waste treatment system that is modular, environment-friendly, and easy to install at your home, hostel, restaurants, and any other facility where food waste is generated every day. Feed your organic wastes like food waste, kitchen scraps to CHUGG and it will give you Biogas (renewable energy). This way you can dispose of food waste efficiently and divert food waste from reaching the landfills. CHUGG is affordable, it is more than an investment. Yes, because the Biogas produces by CHUGG can offset your LPG bills. Also, the manure produced is rich in soil nutrients which can be sold to organic farming or can be used in your own gardens.

Why food waste management is important?

There are so many solutions viable for food processing businesses, households, and restaurants to manage food waste efficiently. If you are unaware of the benefits of food waste management then we list it out here for you.

Food waste management saves you Money

By implementing proper food waste management solutions, and food waste disposal methods you will be able to understand how much food waste is generated. For food businesses that follow efficient food waste disposal methods have proved to improve financial benefits. CHUGG- food waste treatment system is more profitable than you think. It complies with municipal, and SWM-2016 rules making food waste disposal hassle-free.

Here is the list of benefits you can reap by installing CHUGG for food waste management in your facility

  1. Replaces the usage of LPG.
  2. The digestate produced after the anaerobic process can be sold for money.
  3. Eliminates the fee included for food waste treatment
  4. You can even sell energy such as heat/electricity generated by CHUGG.
  5. Growth of economy in rural areas.
  6. Reduces landfills.

Food waste management saves the environment

Food wasted in landfills isn’t just about wasted food.  It is damaging our environment by emitting a highly potent greenhouse gas named Methane. When food waste is dumped in landfills it is compacted and when decomposes in the absence of oxygen it emits Methane. All the energy and resources used for producing the wasted food are also dumped along with it. Approximately 11% of global greenhouse gas is generated from food waste. CHUGG- food waste treatment system help with proper disposal of food waste keeping organic wastes from reaching landfills and thereby preventing the production of greenhouse gas emissions.

Food waste management conserves Energy and resource

Using CHUGG not only diverts food waste reaching from landfills but also a lot of energy and resources and conserved in the process. The process of growing crops, watering, transporting, and selling them consumes a lot of energy, and resources as well.

When food waste is treated using a Biodigester ‘CHUGG- food waste treatment system’ eliminates the emission of Methane. Reduces the use of fossil fuels and replaces the use of LPG by providing Biogas. Biogas is a good source of renewable energy that can be used for cooking, electricity, and transportation. The digestaste named Bio-slurry is rich in soil nutrients. It is proved to improve the growth of plants and reduce weed growth by 50%. Proper application of Bio-slurry on crops reduces nitrogen emission which is another greenhouse gas responsible for global warming.

Food waste management is easy to practice

There are many options available in India for organic waste disposal due to the increasing awareness of the impacts caused by it. As a business owner, you don’t have to tumble to sort out the most ideal practice for food waste disposal. All you need is inspiration then our Avris food waste audit experts are ready to assist you. Installing CHUGG- a food waste treatment system not only helps with food waste management in India but allows you to give a new life to the generated food waste. 

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